Suspension Flower lamp Bloom

The new collection of color pop suspension Blooms - or silkscreen printed  graphic Blooms - the flower leaves are handcarved individually - each lamp is unique

Suspension Bloom  "Purple" with red transparent Bloom-led-cap

Suspension Bloom "Lipstick" with purple Bloom-led-cap                                                                                       Suspension Bloom  "Nude" with black  Bloom-led-cap

Suspension "Nude" with red Bloom-led-cap and red 3D-fabric-cable                                      Suspension "Lipstick" with purple silk-touch fabric cable

With the Bloom-led-cap you can direct your light or change the  color of the bulb to create different ambiances in your room  and create a new color to each lamp

 They are available in several colors, see-through or opaque version colors  : red, purple, black, yellow, orange and rose



 graphic suspension bloom "Geneviève" silkprinted

3d fabric  cable - italian fabrication  with  ceiling-rose chrome plated or by special option with the extra-long cable