Color pop Bloom Collection



The shape of the flower is pure and clear, with the flower-leefs, hand-carved by the designers - so each lamp is singular and unique.

This first collection consists of ten different character's - they are created in the same way "like dressing a fashion model" - by choosing five colors - and five graphic prints by giving them certain touch of 60ies and 80ies "Pop"




                                         mint                                                                                 Blue Lagoon, Mood in Blue, Mint, Purple, Nude                                                                        Nude

                          Blue Lagoon                                                                                                                       Mood in Blue                                                                                                                      Purple

                                     Lipstick                                                                                                                       Ice White                                                                                                        Miss Sunshine




the lightbulbs  come with a small, but important touch: The invention of a colored led-cup which can be changed. A simple gesture to create your own color harmony of individual lightening.